Point-HD Trainer the most powerful Telestrator for PC's and Laptop's


Now you too can have the same power and tools to create compelling presentations that will "wow" your audience and help you get your message across with visually stunning graphics that will retain viewer attention. Point-HD the Broadcast version Telestrator is in use by some of the worlds leading Sports & News channels to enhance their shows. Now the Point-HD Trainer gives you the same tools and graphics to turn your PC or Laptop into a powerful Telestrator.


A world of applications at your fingertips

Point-HD Trainer is a Telestrator that allows you to draw, highlight, point and place custom markers and images over video, still images, computer screens and web pages in real time. Point-HD Trainer Telestrator can be used with the mouse, touch screens, interactive white boards, touch enabled Holographic screens and various gesture devices.

Sports Coaching

Help your players and team better visualize your tactical moves and plays.

Coaches - give live team talks, discuss plays and moves more easily with Point-HD Trainer, right from your laptop on the field or team room. Create a library of video clips with annotations and voice over on the same computer running Point-HD Trainer in full 720P HD MPEG4 (H264) with Point's record tool. Upload your videos to video websites such as YouTube, watch them on iPad, iPhone, iPad or stream and view on PS3, Xbox or any other media player.


Engage your students with interactive tools that makes learning and teaching fun.

Point-HD Trainer can be used with any interactive whiteboard, touch screen or mouse and keyboard. The tools and interface can all be customized easily to cater for any subject. Students of all ages can easily grasp the operation in seconds and will love the use of interactive tools to help them tell their story.


It's time to wake up and wow your audience

With Point-HD Trainer you can be more dynamic with your presentations which will help you to better engage with your audience and retain their attention throughout your show. Spice up your PowerPoint slide shows by incorporating custom pointers and graphics. With Point-HD Trainer your viewers do not see any of the tools and interface, allowing you to emphasize your key points and messages without the audience second guessing your next move. Finally get rid of the laser pointer and use the extensive tools of Point-HD to help you point and highlight key items.


Click on the features or Demo tabs to see how the Point-HD Trainer could work for you or even better, download and try it out today.

Point-HD Trainer Brochure (PDF)