Point-HD Trainer Applications


Point-HD Trainer Telestrator can be used for a wide variety of applications and presentations.



Sports Coaching


Medical Telestrator

Rather than relying just on verbal description of where to look, lift, retract, cut, press, suture or cauterise, with Point-HD Trainer you have an easy to use touch screen based visually engaging solution.

Point-HD Trainer enables an imersive and interactive enviroment to be created when coupled with Video Conferencing, for medical professionals who engage in distance training and mentoring.

The Point-HD Trainer can be used with any live or recorded video sources, live video feeds can include Laproscopic & Endoscopic stacks.

The system can also be used with Radiology procedures, with fixed cameras in operating theatre lighting rigs or head mounted cameras.

The Live Video feed is displayed onto a touch screen monitor which also displays the customised Point-HD Trainer user buttons and toolset, the mentor can zoom, draw, annotate over the video feed in real time.

The output of the Point-HD Trainer can displayed locally as well as to any remote locations via the VC, the entire video along with any annotations can be recorded as a video file or a series of still images, which can then be easily distributed to students or to an online archive for later retrival.

The Point-HD Trainer has many medical applications which include:

Distance mentoring (One to one or One to Many) of Laparoscopic, Endoscopic and Radiographic Procedures.

Live operating theatre demonstrations to students and medical conferences, allowing the specialist to highlight and better explain visually surgical methods and manouvers.

Distant supervision of trainees or less experianced surgeons in theatre, i.e. remote battle field surgery.

Anatomy & Post mortem demonstrations to large groups.

The innovative Point-HD Trainer solution for medical professionals is very cost effective and allows savings on financial budgets by reducing travel and expense for surgical mentors.



Video Conferance Telestrator



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