Point-HD Trainer Demonstration


The video clip links below, provides an overview of the various applications, tools and features of Point-HD Trainer Telestrator. Subscribe to YouTube channel for "pointhd1" to get notification for the latest video's as soon as they are uploaded




Sports Description
Soccer Telestrator for Soccer
Basketball Telestrator for Basketball
Hockey Telestrator for Hockey
Horse Racing Telestrator for Horse Racing
Curling Telestrator for Curling


Telestrator Tools in Action

Telestrator Tool Description
Arrows Telestrator Arrow
Draw Telestrator Draw
Circle Telestrator Circle
Graphic Telestrator Graphic
Off Side Telestrator Off Side
Perspective Telestrator Perspective
Rectangle Telestrator Rectangle
Rectangle Zoom Telestrator Rectangle Zoom
Snapshot Telestrator Snapshot
Split Line Telestrator Split Line
Team / Roster Telestrator Team / Roster
Spotlight Telestrator Spotlight
Web / HTML Telestrator Web / HTML
Zoom Telestrator Zoom
VTR Telestrator VTR Control
Curved Arrow Telestrator Curved Arrow
Angles Telestrator Angles


Telestrator Operation & Controls

Telestrator Function Description
Scene Files Telestrator Scenes
Basics Telestrator Basic
Common Controls Telestrator Controls
Apple Mac Book Pro Telestrator for Apple Mac Book Pro





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