Point-HD Trainer Features


Central to Point-HD's ease of use and adaptability for various applications is through use of custom "Scene Files". A scene file defines the interface layout, position of control buttons, the tools and their settings. A scene file can be thought of a customized template which can be individualized to each user. With Point-HD you can create unlimited number of scene files and recall these during a presentation at a click of a button.


List of Tools, all of which can be customized to create your own unique look.

Tools Description
Draw electronic ink pen, write or draw on screen
Stretchy Arrows Arrows that animate and allow you to point
Curved Arrows Smooth animated curves to show path / moves
Angled Arrows Show angled paths, i.e. pool ball etc
Graphics Use custom graphics, maps, numbers etc
Spotlights Circle, Star, Rectangles spots to highlight
Split Lines Animate lines to indicate point to point, passes etc
Angles Show on screen angles between two points
Animation Buttons Hotspot buttons to trigger/control IP enabled items
Graphic Zoom Zoom a portion of the background within a graphic
Rectangle Zoom Select an area to zoom full screen
Team / Roster Place set of graphics in predefined formations
Sky Perspective Select graphics from on screen button list with perspective
Offside Animated Off Side line and area shader
VTR Control Control professional VTR's with RS422 control
Circles Real Time animated circles
Web / HTML Display and draw over live web pages or video
Rectangle Draw Real Time animated rectangles
Fibonacci Retracement Real time stock and chart analysis tools
Snapshot Grab snapshots for easy notes and handouts
Swift Flow Quick visual access to image folders
Record Record your Telestrations in MPEG4/H264 format


Easy to use Control Buttons

Buttons Description
Undo Unlimited Undo
Redo Unlimited Redo
Clear Clear all graphics with one click
Live / Preview Toggle viewer display on and off


Separate Viewer / Audience Output

Unique feature of Point-HD Trainer Telestrator, a separate audience / viewer window is provided, the window can be re sized & positioned as required onto a second monitor output of the PC or Laptop. This viewer window only displays the background and any annotations and graphics that are placed by the presenter, thus the interface and tool buttons are hidden from the audience during a presentation. The window can be scaled to any resolution or size of the secondary display output, including 1080P, the output window resolution can be independent of the main presenters screen resolution.

Record & Voice Over

Playback a video clip, still image, live web page or any external input, annotate and simultaneously record and add voice comments. The recorded video file can then be uploaded to websites, or played back later. Point-HD Trainer can record in H264 MPEG4 formats in typically 720P HD resolution.


Background Description
Undo/None/Blank Used as an electronic chalk board, set custom background colors which can be also used with external Chroma Key to key out the background and superimpose the graphics over video or other images in editing systems.
Still Image Use virtually any image format graphic as the background with options to fill screen, keep aspect ratio or display 1:1.
Capture Device Use any capture device connected to the PC as the source background, including webcams, camcorders, DVD, Blue Ray, Visualizers, external computer screens etc.
AVI Player Use video clips in virtually any format, AVI, Divx, MOV, HDV, FLV, H264.....as a background with full playback and scroll control.


Unlimited Custom Interfaces

With Point-HD Trainer you can create as many customized interface layouts (Scene Files) as you need. Each interface can be individually defined to have its own toolset, background and button layout. Scene Files can be recalled individually or as a sequence, allowing you to easily navigate through various interfaces during a presentation. By using customized interfaces you can keep each interface neat and tidy with just the tools and backgrounds that you need during any part of the presentation.

Scene File features Description
Custom Scenes Create and recall any number of customized scenes during a live show.
Control Buttons All main control buttons can be positioned anywhere on the interface screen as preferred on a per Scene basis.
Interface Colors Custom colors can be set for the interface and background screen area.
Custom Tool Buttons For the advanced user, all the buttons and tools can be customized to have an individual look and feel. All buttons used within Point-HD are Targa 32bit images, this allows you to easily replace and label the entire interface according your preferences by simply replacing the default graphics.


Keyboard Shortcuts

The control buttons and tools can be set for keyboard shortcuts, allowing easy selection or navigation via the keyboard or for control via third party control systems such as AMX or Crestron.


Textures - Animated or Still

The on screen look and feel of the tools can be further enhanced by using either animated or still textures. Textures can be imported as Jpg, Tga, Bmp, Png formats.


Robust and Future Proof

Point-HD Trainer is derived from the Point-HD, which is the Broadcast TV Telestrator used all over the world by leading TV Broadcasters for Sports and News shows. Since its original inception in 2000, the Point-HD has proven to be robust, reliable and very easy to use. With Point-HD Trainer you have peace of mind of knowing that the application will provide the very same performance and reliability of the broadcast version Point-HD.

Point-HD is based on OpenGL technology, which is also used by Apple for iPhone, iPad, Mac Books as well as other leading broadcast graphics equipment developers, for its high performance, independence from hardware changes or operating system platforms.

Unlike other products which are based on DirectX, which is mainly intended for consumer gamers. With DirectX you have a greater chance of problems running on different hardware and of course there is the limitation of only running on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

If you want a level of future proofing in your Telestrator, then make sure its built on OpenGL


Constant Development

New features and tools are constantly being worked upon from user feedback. If there is any particular effect, tool or feature that you would like to see within Point-HD Trainer, then please do let us know.

Custom OEM based versions can be provided with tailored functionality as required by use or application, i.e. a retail based interactive version is available which allows consumers / fans to create video clip Telestrations with their comments and have these video clips uploaded to FanZone websites for sharing via social networks to their friends. This enhances the brand awareness and helps build a loyal fan base for the sponsor.

If you have a special requirement then please do let us know via the contact page, we would be pleased to help.





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