Purchase Point-HD Trainer


To download a trial version click here


Activate your Trial version to a full version, follow these simple steps:


1. Use the contact form on the contact page to email us your Hardware Fingerprint number, your name, address and a contact telephone number.

2. We will then have one of our resellers contact you regarding payment.

3. Upon payment we will email you your activation code.

4. Enter the activation key code to fully activate Point-HD Trainer.

If you are ready to purchase Point-HD Trainer Telestrator for PC's and Laptop's, then please contact us using the form on the contact page and we will reply back with information on your nearest reseller who can assist you with your purchase. Please ensure you include your hardware fingerprint number and the name you would like the activation key registred to.

Please verify the Point-HD Trainer's suitability for your hardware and application, by first downloading and installing the 30 day trial version, before committing to purchase. Once license key(s) have been issued no refunds will be provided.

If you require a replacement license key for a previous purchase, because of hardware or computer replacement, then please contact us via the contact form with details of your original purchased key and your new hardware fingerprint code.

If you are a non commercial user such as a sports coach or educator / teacher, intending to purchase on behalf of an educational establishment then please contact us for special educational volume pricing.

Point-HD Validation Tool

The Point-HD Validation tool can be used to check your computer hardware and setup to determine if it will be suitable to install and run the Point-HD Trainer Telestrator software. Download the validation tool from the link below, save onto the computer you intend to use the Point-HD Trainer Telestrator software with, extract the file and run the tool. This will then run checks on your computer hardware and will inform you if its OK or not to install the main software. If you don not get an OK to install, you can click on "more info" button and then copy and paste the results into the contact us form and send this to us for review and suggestions for possible solutions.

In most cases, a graphics driver update or Microsoft system updates are all that is required to get an OK to install.